I am very excited to announce that I have launched my debut ArtistShare® project! I will be making an album through ArtistShare® and I want to invite you to be a part of it! It will be my debut project as a leader and on it I will get to perform with some fantastic musicians. Larry Grenadier, Eric Harland, and Julian Lage are all musical role models for me, and I am grateful that I will get to work with them on this project. Throughout the process of the making of this recording, we will take the journey together as I share my creative process with you. From conceptualizing, composing, arranging, rehearsing and preparing for the recording sessions I will be sharing it with you through ArtistShare®. By participating in my project, you will be able to communicate with me as I go through it all and maybe even come and join me in the recording studio! I cannot say how excited I am at the prospect of honing my skills as a singer and pianist, expressing myself with my music, and getting started on the first big project of my career. Please join me in this exciting new adventure by choosing one of the participation offers as I look forward to sharing it all with you.

Join me now! 




  • Prince

    You are phenomenally amazing!!! Star Brilliance, Soul, Poise, Beauty, Creativity & Talent are yours…
    p.s. get a twitter acct :)

    • Justinashandler

      are you the actual Prince?

  • guest


  • Bob Miller

    I love your playing and your voice. I will get album as soon as it is avialable. I will also see you at Stanford Jazz on 3/17.


    M y name ls Vicky Pocock, Elkhart,In. I would love to know more about y ou are fantastic. My Father, Donald Pocock, played the piano, in the 1940s ,50s 60s, and 70s. My Mother sang, she sounded like Billie Hollday ., The best to you, I hope to see you at the Elkhart Jazz Festevile oday aaf onderful

  • Ed Jones


    My name is Ed Jones and I am the Morning Host at KBEM 88.5 FM. I’d like to schedule a phone interview with you before your appearance at the Twin Cities jazz Festival. The best time would be 7:40 AM (Central Time) on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday this week (25th, 26th, or 27th). You can call me at (612) 529-5236. Please let me know by e-mail at Looking forward to it!

    Ed Jones

  • Constance

    Love your work and will be among the first to purchase your CD. Please keep info coming.

  • dave

    Just heard “Touchstone” on the Radio. I just sat there and didn’t want it to end. Immediately bought the album and have listened to the song over and over (and over). I’m moved. Hope there are a ton of these songs in you and we get to hear them. Please go on tour and come to the SF Bay Area.

  • Cindy Roesel

    Ariel, I was SO lucky to hear just a few minutes of you on WLRN radio here in Miami, FL today and I can’t wait to receive your CD! WOW! All I can say is WOW! You have some amazing chops and an amazing combo working with you! I’m so grateful I’ve come in contact with your talent and can’t wait to see you live. Be well. Cindy